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Tax Resolution Starts Here!

Installment Agreement:

Ready to take your business to another level? Oakmont Tax Relief will negotiate a reasonable Installment Agreement that is going to be attainable for the business. We understand that the IRS sometimes ask for an unreasonable amount of information and money to compensate for the back taxes and bombard you with astronomical amount of penalties. Let the tax experts at Oakmont Tax Relief do the negotiating for you and take your business to greater heights. By making sure you didn’t over look some tax deductions. It would be worthwhile to amend your tax returns so we can lower the amount of money you owe the IRS before moving forward with negotiations on a payment plan. We understand the important concepts of the IRS tax code and we can be a helpful resource with negotiating an affordable Installment Agreement.  

Partial Payment Installment Agreement:

Partial Payment Installment Agreement is a new debt management program where you have a long term payment plan to pay off the IRS at reduced dollar amount or run statues of limitations on collections whichever comes first. Oakmont Tax Relief will take over all communication and contact with the IRS and submit a detailed cash flow analysis to determine the exact dollar amount of the “PPIA” the idea is to get the delinquent tax paid at the business owner financial ability to prevent hardship of the business.

The IRS may not openly advise you of such programs and that’s the advantage of working with tax experts at Oakmont Tax Relief.

Offer In Compromise:

Does your business qualify for Offer in Compromise? This program will allow the eligible taxpayer to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe AKA “pennies on the dollar settlement”. This is the road map of paying off your tax debt and allowing you to have a fresh start. The tax experts at Oakmont Tax Relief have hundreds of satisfied offers and hundreds more pending.

Our tax experts will put together an appropriate offer based on taxpayer doubt as to collectability and compelling benefits for the IRS. Oakmont Tax Relief can provide you with tax secrets and tax strategies that will absolutely blow your mind.

CNC - Currently Not Collectable:

When our clients hire us we often discover our clients qualify for CNC and this program may be really helpful for you in several ways. If you find yourself in a situation where an instalment agreement is not feasible. You may qualify for a program that will give you some time and breathing space. To make a long story short the IRS will agree to postpone any type of aggressive collection actions and not collect on the tax debt for up to 2 years.

CNC does not forfeit any of the tax debt or obligations set forth by the IRS but is a temporary fix. Oakmont Tax Relief will take advantage of the temporary resolution that client has in place and use our powerful negotiation strategies to accomplish amazing results.

Fresh Start Program:

The Fresh start program makes it easier for Individuals that just need to get back on the right track to success and Oakmont tax relief makes it easy for you to get there. When it comes to paying unpaid taxes you want to get the most affordable agreement and not have the worries of a tax lien controlling your life. The fresh start program is a great way to pay back taxes and avoid tax liens and often times the IRS will not need financial statements.

If their is a Federal Tax Lien in place already you may qualify to have the tax lien withdrawn and get set up on a direct installment agreement.

Levy Release:

Dealing with a bank levy can be stressful, overwhelming and devastating. When you do not file your tax returns or comply with the IRS it can result in a bank levies and other aggressive collection actions. The IRS will send a legal summons to your bank and freeze your accounts for up to 21 days before the bank releases the funds to the IRS. The Revenue Officer has very powerful collection tools and takes advantage of using them when you fail to meet the obligations the IRS sets forth in the collection process.

You want to take immediate action if you are in the situation of being levied or have received levy notice (CP 504-B) or notice (1058). This form of collections is very aggressive and time sensitive, It’s very important that you get tax advice on what your next steps should be to prevent any further aggressive collection actions. Call us today to get your free consultation 720.907.1233

  • Is the IRS sending you letters and chasing you? Do you suffer the stress and sleepless nights with the nightmares of the IRS taking everything you worked your entire life for? It can happen! No threat to your financial security is as significant as owing the IRS.
    The IRS collection division is complicated to deal with but it is possible to get reasonable resolution if you are cooperative and reasonable. While the IRS has powerful collection tools, you as a TaxPayer have equal powerful tools (rights) to protect yourself from the IRS. You must understand and assert those rights as your first step towards a reasonable resolution. Oakmont tax Relief is highly trusted in the tax resolution industry and has a proven track record. It’s your right to have tax representation and have the best counsel to negotiate your tax debt.
    Oakmont Tax Relief understands the stress level associated with your tax issue and is dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction. When you call in for your free consultation we will listen and as we gather enough information we would explain our strategies in great detail that you would understand. We would show you a roadmap to resolution with plenty of options that would be helpful for you. Don’t feel defeated by the IRS, join the Winner’s Circle today and let Oakmont tax relief take on the burden of tax debt for you.